We tested Dreamer de Terraillon, an effective sleep aid!

The month of sleep is in full swing … and if you’ve already tried the night without the panties or the night socks and it doesn’t work, we may have a new solution. And this new solution is called “Dreamer” and comes from the French brand Terraillon, the European market leader in the wellness market.

Sleep is a growing problem for the French (teleworking, environmental stress) and many studies have been carried out on this. The study conducted by Terraillon looks at the effectiveness of a sleep program that is accessible to all. We were able to test it and here are our conclusions.

Terraillon’s study

This study, carried out in collaboration with the European Sleep Center, measures the effectiveness of the Dreamer sleep program in patients with mild insomnia.

Under the direction of Dr. François Duforez, sports and sleep doctor, it includes 83 nights:

Without sleep aid With the Dreamer program With a competing product

The aim is to assess the time it takes to fall asleep in people with mild disorders. The Dreamer program, based on heart coherence, is a gentle method of relaxation. This method makes it possible to reduce heart rate and stress at the same time through light therapy.

What is the dreamer program?

Thanks to a very small connected object, it only takes 15 minutes a day associated with breathing exercises to help you fall asleep. The dreamer projects a specific red light that does not block the sleep hormone: melatonin. And thanks to 15 minutes of breathing exercises in connection with the red light (6 inspirations and 6 exhalations) the breathing rate drops and the rest is almost immediate.

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The results of the study

Through various clinical studies, the researchers found that Dreamer users fell asleep 4 minutes faster than a competing product.

The Dreamer solution would therefore improve a few things on our nights:

How fast do you fall asleep? Sleep quality Fitness when you wake up

Dreamer includes 2 sleep programs, one based on heart rate, the second with a “sunset” program that starts in orange and ends in red, the color that will help you fall asleep.

Photo credit: Nathalie / Neozone

The small composite and design object also has a mood lighting function with 16 million available colors … and it costs less than € 50, so sleep is now accessible to everyone and of quality!

What we thought of the dreamer

First of all, it is discreet, stylish and can be used wherever falling asleep is more difficult … Whether on a business trip, with the family, when we are not sleeping in our bed, falling asleep is not always easy.

Photo credit: Nathalie / Neozone

In terms of operation, it is very simple, the “heart” logo for breathing exercises, the “sun” logo for falling asleep without exercise … and the last one for lighting.

Regarding its use, we tested the two ways to help you fall asleep. And we prefer heart coherence! If you pay close attention to the breathing exercises, you will fall asleep faster … but it is difficult to estimate your own time to fall asleep! On the other hand, one thing is certain: nocturnal awakenings are much less common as we use them. Better sleep is priceless, and when we breathe properly in a calm environment full of red lights, our bodies seem to appreciate it!

user friendliness

Very affordable price

Fun, stylish and efficient item

Fall asleep easier

Dreamer is a small connected object with two sleep programs. One is based on breathing exercises, the second on “sunset”

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