We tested the latest version of the Vasco Translator M3 translator

When we think of “translator” we immediately think of “travel,” especially since we are almost deterred … Still, there are many other essential uses for a translator. Features we don’t necessarily think about!

For those who need to translate quickly and perfectly, Vasco Electronics presents the new Vasco Translator M3! This new generation translator evolves compared to the Vasco Mini 2 as it now offers 70 languages ​​and 200 countries for the price of the device covered by its integrated network. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, or even a public service, this is the Vasco Translator M3 for you.

A “versatile” translator!

Even if a translator is intended for trips abroad, the Vasco M3 translator was developed for other professions. In specialist circles, many companies work with employees who do not speak our language … Whether they are international truck drivers in logistics centers or doctors and nurses who are often blocked by the language barrier …

Likewise in the civil service, how often the police are confronted with incomprehension towards a driver who does not understand French … We often see reports that show us how difficult it is for the police to make themselves understood.

Vasco Translator M3 translator test. Photo credit: Merieme / Neozone

After all, communicating when checking in at airports is not always easy. Granted, travel agencies often speak multiple languages, but probably not the 70 that the Vasco Translator M3 language translator offers.

The functions of the Vasco Translator M3

This electronic translator is amazing and more than complete to say the least. For a price of € 289, it benefits from a free and unlimited internet connection for life in almost 200 countries thanks to its integrated SIM card. No additional subscription is required and the translator is not dependent on any other connection. It works completely independently.

We’ll remember some numbers and in particular the 96% translation accuracy for 70+ languages! Impressive! Regardless of whether you are looking at an American, a Chinese, a Pole or a Swede, you can talk to him with ease.

Vasco Translator M3 translator test. Photo credit: Merieme / Neozone

The translation is obviously done by voice and all translations are done in the native language. The device recognizes what you’ve said, displays the text on the screen, translates it into the language you want, and then says it out loud. The pronunciation is done with natural voices for even more transparency and understanding.

Some additional features

The photo translator is a bit like a new generation GPS. When traveling to Thailand for work, all you need to do is photograph a road sign or restaurant menu to have it translated instantly. An essential function, especially when writing a language differs from our alphabet. The TranslaCall feature that enables direct translation of phone calls. Vasco Translator M3 is the only translator currently offering this function. The translator is not a phone, so no calls will be made for you. The TranslaCall works thanks to the speaker of your smartphone. An application called MultiTalk to be able to communicate with groups of up to 100 people. And that even if the 70 languages ​​are united among the 100 people. An essential function in the age of international video conferencing and teleworking. Vasco Translator M3 translator test. Photo credit: Merieme / Neozone

Some technical data:

Thanks to the Vasco Translator M3 there is no latency during a call. It can be translated back and forth in less than 0.5 seconds, the conversation remains very fluid and takes place as if you were speaking the language of the person you are speaking to.

A transfer function allows you to save the history of your translations and send it to the email of your choice … a speech, a product presentation that you need to keep. You no longer have to use your memory to translate the sometimes somewhat technical vocabulary of certain video conferences into the word.

To achieve this amazing result, Vasco Electronics uses 6 translation engines. Thanks to extremely precise and error-free speed, you cannot miss a single conversation. And above all, no misinterpretation or misinterpretation will be possible.


The Vasco Translator M3 is supplied with a micro-USB charger, a protective cover, a safety bracelet and a quick guide. The device is relatively compact and light and has a rather modern design. The materials of the Vasco Translator M3 and its accessories appear to be of very good quality.

Vasco Translator M3 translator test. Photo credit: Merieme / Neozone


Getting started with the Vasco Translator M3 is extremely easy. All you have to do is select your language and that of the person you are speaking to. Then all you have to do is hold down the top button and pronounce the sentence you want to translate. When the button is released, the translator speaks the sentence in the language of the person speaking to you. The person you are talking to can then use the translator M3 in exactly the same way by initiating a dialogue with the lower button. The device is lively and does not suffer from latency in translating spoken sentences. It is very cute! We invite you to watch the short video demonstration of the device we produce …