Wearing a mask: are Toulouse residents slacking off?

the essentials The return of sunny days, the improvement in health … So many factors that lead some Toulouse people to lower their masks. Report.

The masks fall. Often below the nose or chin. The sun caresses the faces of the inhabitants of Toulouse on Monday. On the banks of Jean-Jaures, Abdoul is sitting on one of the gray concrete benches. With his eyes closed and a slight smile, he didn’t hesitate to put his face mask next to him: “I can finally breathe,” he said. Nobody is several meters away. I’m taking a break and want to take full advantage of it. When I get on public transport, I put it on ”.

A Polish tourist continues, a beer in hand. Without wearing a mask. “The weather is nice. I don’t want to suffocate,” he admits. The majority of people in Toulouse put their masks on correctly. Some don’t care.

In the corridors of President Franklin Roosevelt, Alessandro and Adam, two high school students, are chatting. Masks under the chin “It’s breathable, it’s hot,” slips Alessandro. We have no contact with anyone. After that, when I’m in a closed place, I wear it out of respect for the elderly. ”“ After the Covid-19, I no longer believe in it. It’s good, the health crisis is over, ”Adam adds.

“Its usefulness has not been proven”

If the situation improves, specialists encourage the French not to relax. Karim has other ideas that he proudly claims. In the middle of the busy street of Alsace-Lorraine, the young man does not wear a mask. Ignoring the disapproving looks: “We will not allow ourselves to be forced.” We are not animals. We have freedom ”.

Sarah and Eva, two students, share his opinion. Without a mask, they roam the streets of the Pink City. ”The use of masks has not been proven. To be honest, wearing it makes me feel depressed, Sarah admits. Summer is not bearable. Anyway, neither is winter. “Your girlfriend” doesn’t even wear them in front of the police. ”“ I respect the people who wear them. So I try to put it in, ”she continues.

In the delicatessen shop Le Comptoir de Mathilde, near the Place du Capitole, Yannicke Evrard, the manager, notes “a relaxation among young people”. “Many come with the mask under their nose. They are young people, but some older people relax too, ”she breathes.

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