Weather for the weekend of May 1st: what is the weather forecast for Occitania?

The essentials Rainy and cool on Saturday, sunny times on Sunday: the first weekend in May does not look ideal in Occitania.

“Do what you want in May,” they say. Whatever you do, don’t forget a sweater and your umbrella. The weather will be rainy and cool on Saturday while the clearings will return on Sunday. Temperatures will be well earned by the end of March.

Saturday May 1st

In Occitania, the weather is rainy all day. According to La Chaîne Météo, even heavy rains are to be expected between the Cevennes and the Rhône Valley, which could even trigger a weather alarm. In the Pyrenees, the rain-snow limit is 1000 m on Saturday morning and 1300 m at the end of the day.This bad weather is explained by the existence of a depression between the Balearic Islands and the Gulf of Lions. The minimum temperatures in Occitania must be between 7 and 10 ° C. In the afternoon 7 ° C in Rodez, 8 ° C in Tarbes and Foix, 9 ° C in Toulouse, Albi and Auch, 10 ° C in Castres, 12 ° C in Carcassonne and Pau, 13 ° C in Montauban, Cahors and Narbonne and 15 ° C in Agen.

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Forecast for Saturday 1st May. France weather infographic

Sunday May 2nd

The clearings will be back in Occitania. In the Pyrenees, the weather remains gloomy all day. Around the Mediterranean Sea, the sun returns with strong winds. The minimum temperatures are cooler and are between 4 and 8 ° C in Occitania. In the afternoon it is 10 ° C in Rodez, 11 ° C in Foix, 13 ° C in Agen, Pau and Tarbes, 14 ° C in Toulouse, Albi, Castres and Also, 15 ° C in Montauban, Cahors and Carcassonne and expected 18 ° C in Narbonne.

The forecast for Sunday May 2nd. France weather infographic

What about the rest of May? According to the four-week forecast from La Chaîne Météo, the weather in the south of France should be fairly sunny next week, with spring temperatures or even fairly warm. It could be sunny and warm for Ascension weekend. For the remainder of May, the end of the month weather could remain dry and even stormy. Forecasts that have yet to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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