Weather forecast: 48 departments in orange vigilance for thunderstorms

the essential Météo France put 48 departments on orange vigilance for thunderstorms this Saturday, June 19th.

“This is a very stormy summer situation that requires special vigilance as there is a high risk of a violent phenomenon,” said Météo France, which this Saturday put 48 departments on orange vigilance for thunderstorms.

The warning started at 3 p.m.

Occitania should experience severe thunderstorms this Saturday evening, but it will not be affected by this orange warning. However, none of our departments are on the list of departments on alert.

“These violent storms are characterized by strong electrical activity, heavy rains (20 to 50 mm in a short time), hail and gusts of wind often close to 80 km / h, which can locally exceed 100 km / h,” warns Météo France.

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