Weather forecast: after a summer heat, snow forecast … unheard of “for 30 years”

Did you bring out your summer clothes with the temperature records this week? Well, you will be able to put them aside again, at least temporarily, starting next week.

A drop in temperature is expected from Monday, even some snowflakes in places. Such a difference in a few days is certainly surprising, but not worrying. When asked by Le Parisien, the meteorologist François Jobard said that spring “is the time of year for these rapid changes”.

“They are not uncommon, even if it is true that they have been less common in the last few decades than before. At that time, 25 ° C had not been observed in Paris for over 30 years,” he adds.

The consequence of this expected change at the beginning of the week, aside from the fact that it has to be covered up a bit, is that the frosts caused by this drop in temperature could weaken the fruit tree crops.

The latter “bloom earlier than average, according to François Jobard, who sees there a” paradox of global warming: the vegetation begins earlier and is more vulnerable, “he explains in the Parisian’s columns.