Weather forecast: Frost is back in Occitania, cold records have fallen

The essentials Several cities in the region awoke to negative temperatures on Wednesday morning. The maximum values ​​decrease. The weather stays sunny all week.

If the temperatures were still quite mild on Tuesday morning, this will no longer be the case on Wednesday. The polar air announced by Météo France, which arrived in the northern half on Monday, descends in southern France.

At daybreak at 7 a.m., according to Météo Ciel, it was 2.7 ° C in Saint-Girons, 2.1 ° C in Luchon, 1.5 ° C in Toulouse-Blagnac, – 0.5 ° C in Tarbes, – 0.8 ° C in Albi, – 1 ° C in Montauban, – 1.7 ° C in Agen, – 2.5 ° C in Millau, – 2.9 ° C in Auch, – 4, 6 ° C in Gourdon and – 4.8 ° C in Rodez. In Mont-Aigoual on the Gard, the thermometer fell to -9.5 ° C.

For the afternoon, Météo France is forecasting 13 ° C in Rodez, 15 ° C in Castres, 16 ° C in Carcassonne and Narbonne, 17 ° C in Toulouse and Albi, 18 ° C in Auch and Foix, 19 ° C in Montauban, Agen and Cahors, 20 ° C in Pau and 21 ° C in Tarbes.

Cold records in the southwest

The south-west, which until then had been spared the frost, was hit by the polar air mass overnight. With these very cold temperatures, monthly cold records were broken, says La Chaîne Météo with – 5.6 ° C in Bégaar (Landes), – 4.8 ° C in Gourdon (Lot) or – 3.3 ° C in Vendays-Montalivet ( Gironde).

The southwestern vineyard was hit hard by this air mass and these frosts. In the Lot-et-Garonne countryside or near Mirande in the Gers, winemakers did not hesitate to burn straw bales near the vines at night to keep the heat up.

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In the southeast, the Mistral and Tramontane prevented the cold air from staying close to the ground.

Cold records in France

Of the 591 stations in the Météo France observation network, around 60 records were broken. No record has been set in the Great South. You are in the northern half of France. Monthly cold records were set in Beauvais with – 6.9 ° C (instead of – 5.4 ° C in April 2017), Orléans with – 5.4 ° C (instead of – 4.5 ° C in 1938) and Châlons-sur- Saône with – 4.9 ° C (instead of – 4.4 ° C in 2003), Evreux with – 4.2 ° C (instead of – 4 ° C in 1975) or Orthez with – 2.4 ° C.

New frost Thursday

According to the weather forecast, the night from Wednesday to Thursday will be freezing again. Temperatures will rise on Friday with the arrival of a rainy disturbance from the west. A rainy weekend awaits us in Occitanie.