Weather forecast: it is the sudden return of the cold in France and Occitania from this Tuesday

The essentials While the temperatures had reached a remarkable level on the Easter weekend, the winter weather in France is making a comeback. Starting this Tuesday April 6th, temperatures in Occitania will drop mid-week with frost.

As the saying goes, “Don’t let a thread spot you in April”. Spring is a time of contrasts characterized by sudden changes in temperature. This week won’t be an exception.

“In the spring there are often such brutal temperature fluctuations,” assures Alexandre Flouttard, forecaster at Météo France. In France, the cold peak is expected on Wednesday, April 7th, in a good northeastern quarter of the country with temperatures of -5 ° C. The threshold for severe frosts will therefore be exceeded in April. A rare phenomenon, according to the meteorologist. This cold will be able to successfully penetrate the southern part of the country from Tuesday evening. In Occitania there is frost between 0 and -1 ° C on Wednesday and Thursday.

A cold from the Arctic Pole

An anticyclone is being built over the North Atlantic and a depression over the Scandinavian countries. The air in the depression rotates around this high pressure clockwise and counterclockwise. The phenomenon will then form a rapid northern river from the Arctic Pole to France.

However, Alexandre Flouttard does not speak of snowfall on the plains in the coming days, except in eastern France. “The snow will mainly stay on the reliefs. For this week we will talk more about heavy frosts, but in dry weather.”

Risk of frost, which is very harmful to the harvest

With these episodes of early heat in March, vegetation advanced earlier. But the further the latter has progressed, the more dangerous the risk of frost becomes for the plants. However, these sudden changes from softer to cold air are becoming more common with global warming.

For Alexandre Flouttard, “the flow of cold we are currently traversing is not associated with environmental disturbances. The climate in our regions is temperate and therefore very different from day to day, especially in the spring season”. It is the intense heat of the last few days in the country that, in his opinion, is more related to climate change.

The cold on the national territory will therefore be stronger than usual until Thursday, April 8th. From this date, temperatures will gradually rise after the arrival of a southerly current.