Wedding Ceremonies Approved As of May 19: What We Know About Applicable Protocol

The basics From Wednesday, May 19th, wedding ceremonies are allowed both indoors and outdoors. How many guests can attend the party? Can the wedding dinner take place inside? We take stock of the new protocol that was presented on Monday.

In 2020, many couples have postponed their weddings to 2021. The events sector, which has been closed since the beginning of the epidemic, comprises almost three billion euros and tens of thousands of jobs. In 2020, 40,000 marriages had to be annulled. But this year they can celebrate with guests.

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To celebrate without restrictions, you have to wait until June 30th

According to Le Parisien, reception locations such as castles and party halls can reopen from May 19. Good news ! No need to choose six guests … the number of guests can be up to 35% of the indoor and outdoor capacity of the room including the tents. Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand, spokeswoman for UPSE (Union of Solidarity Professionals in Events), added some details to the daily newspaper.

“In France, the halls have an average size of 200 m2. This means we can initially bring together around 70 guests,” explains Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand to our colleagues. The second phase begins on Wednesday June 9th and the gauges continue to evolve: up to 50% of the space can be occupied indoors and 65% outdoors. We have to wait for the third stage of June 30th to be able to celebrate without restrictions. “

PCR tests and health passports are not mandatory. But be careful, indoor meals are not allowed.

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