What are the foods for a good night’s sleep?

We are still in March, so still in the “month of sleep” … If Terraillon’s excellent dreamer can help you fall asleep as gently as possible, there are also foods you prefer for a better sleep! But there are also products that are not allowed to be consumed in the evening …

According to INSERM, one in three people is affected by sleep disorders. These problems affect the long days that follow. The sleep hormone melatonin is produced by the body at the end of the day … And to be effective, it needs amino acids!

Hot milk!

Grandma’s good old medicine! The bowl of hot milk with a spoon of honey! Grandmother’s cure maybe, but milk is heavily concentrated in tryptophan, the essential amino acid that is a precursor to melatonin …

Infusions or herbal teas

If you don’t like milk, you can drink herbal tea before bed. However, be careful with citrus infusions, which could have the opposite effect. There is an abundance of “Calm Night” or “Quiet Night” infusions of valerian, chamomile or verbena … Our grandmothers’ plants again!

In addition to the benefits of plants, herbal tea promotes the drop in internal body temperature through a heat exchange system … it causes sweating that lowers body temperature, perfect for falling asleep, quick and good!

The banana

In addition to being recycled into delicious pancakes or banana bread, this banana definitely has drowsy properties too! It is sometimes called the “natural sleeping pill”! This fruit is quite simply loaded with amino acids, potassium, and minerals. The banana helps in the production of melatonin, but it also causes relaxation and relaxation!

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and allows relaxation. It appears to be a key element in regulating the biological clock. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Pheelings media

Dark chocolate!

It is inevitable to accompany the herbal tea or maybe the banana! Rich in magnesium, it allows relaxation and appears to be a key element in regulating the biological clock … And a study by Nature magazine confirms this!

What should you avoid in order to sleep better?

Of course, all stimulants are to be avoided at bedtime! Tobacco, alcohol, coffee or tea should be avoided before going to bed. But also a meal that is too fat or too rich and neither makes digestion easier nor can you fall asleep!