What are the goals of the G7 summit starting in the UK?

the main French, German, Italian, Canadian, Japanese, American and British heads of state gathered in Carbis Bay, UK, June 11-13.

One of the big dates on the President of the United States’ agenda for his first trip to Europe is the G7 summit, which will take place from June 11th to 13th. The opportunity for Italy, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Canada and America to meet in person to address global issues.

This meeting will of course be an opportunity to deal with the global pandemic, but also with the climate emergency. Australia, South Korea and the European Union are also invited to debate during this 47th Summit.

Vaccination: better equity sharing

One of the first goals is to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Fairer vaccine exchanges are being addressed, reports France Info. In fact, according to the WHO, only 2% of the administered doses were in Africa, while the rich countries have appropriated a maximum dose. Emmanuel Macron therefore wants the G7 to achieve its goal of vaccinating 60% of Africans by March 2022.

The United States has pledged to deliver 500 million doses of Pfizer, the British 100 million, and overall the G7 agrees to deliver at least one billion doses to 92 countries through the Covax device. France asked the laboratories to provide 10% of the cans sold.

The climate emergency before COP26

Global warming will also feature prominently in the debates at this climate neutral summit ahead of COP26 in Scotland in November.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants a “Marshall Plan” for the climate to help developing countries decarbonise their economies, reports The Times. Like the American financing plan for the reconstruction of Europe destroyed in World War II, this Marshall Plan would be supported by the leaders of the G7.

The main global strategies of democracies

After all, this first G7 for President Joe Biden also aims to rally democracies to face China or Russia on issues of defense, climate, trade, technology or taxation … aim: the Trump years and To put an end to his “America First” which the US has isolated and no longer lives in China.

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