What are the legal and other characteristics?

Since the release of the new license plates, we’ve seen more and more fancy stickers, especially for fans of football clubs … It’s over now, only the official logos that are already integrated into the plate are allowed. If you leave a sticker there will be a fine of 135 €!

Of course, the license plates have to be homologated so that it is impossible to change anything except the so-called collector cars which can keep a homologated black plate. And here, too, there are conditions that must be adhered to … Explanations.

Which admission criteria?

The front and rear panels must be strictly identical and homologated. It is therefore out of the question to display a different department on one of the two! They must also be riveted to the body and must not move! With the exception of the W of a garage, all panels must comply with this homologation.

Which standards apply?

The decree of February 9, 2009 defines the standard for license plates with type AB-123-AB registrations.

Non-reflective black characters White reflective background Size: 520mm x 110mm

The decree also defines the size of the letters, dashes, numbers, spaces … These signs have been automatically attached to all new vehicles since 2009. The old “123-ABC-91” type plates must be changed by the new owners or in the event of a change in the vehicle registration document. This also applies in the event of deterioration of the panels.

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Studio 72

However, you can select the department of your choice, as long as the regional and departmental logos comply with applicable standards. You have to be at the right end of the plate!

What is forbidden?

All of the following conditions must be observed in order not to risk a fine of € 135!

The panels must be in perfect condition and clean. Anything that could prevent reading of the disk in circulation must be avoided! Covered with a dead leaf (anti-radar trick) is a very bad idea: that equates to a fine of 1500 €! The same applies to plastic films or transparent sprays. The “F” of France is mandatory on the far left of the plate. No tolerance, neither in font nor in customization.

What about the black spots?

The black signs are ONLY intended for classic cars! To display a black sign, the car must:

In circulation for more than 30 years. Perfect condition. Production of the stationary model. Unmodified vehicle

To ensure that your vehicle is a “collector”, the words “collector vehicle” are displayed in the “Z” field on the registration document.

Owning a classic car has certain advantages:

5 years instead of 2 years for technical control. No traffic restrictions. No expertise in the event of damage

To register a classic car, you need to apply to the French Association of Classic Cars.

And the 2 wheels?

The dimensions of the plate must be 210 x 130 mm. And that’s the only way there has been no size tolerance since July 1, 2017. The angle of inclination of the plate must not exceed 30 °. Otherwise you risk the same fine as driving a car, ie € 135. You now know everything about standardized license plates that apply in France …