What are the ten best cities in the world where life is good?

The Essential Economist Intelligence Unit, a British consulting and analysis company, has just published its ranking of the world’s most livable cities. A ranking that reflects the impact of the pandemic on the planet as it is dominated by Australia and New Zealand, two countries little affected by Covid-19

If you’re moving and want to settle in a new city that’s good to live in, Economist Intelligence United, a UK consultancy and analytics company, released its World Quality of Life Index on Wednesday June 9th.

This report identifies “which places have the best or the worst living conditions,” the document says.

This company evaluates many criteria for its classification from crime rate to public transport, including health care system and cultural offerings …

The Covid crisis affects the ranking

This year, the health criterion has been given greater consideration as metropolises around the world are badly affected by the COvid-19 pandemic. The crisis and the measures taken to contain it ultimately fall under the criteria of the list.

So much so that the first city in the 2018 ranking, Vienna, the capital of Austria, fell back to 12th place this year.

“The increased pressure on the health systems during the second wave of infection (…), the closure of schools and restaurants or the establishment of restrictions around cultural or sporting events,” the cabinet explains this trend.

Cities that have always ranked well have fallen behind in the list, such as Frankfurt in Germany or Montreal in Canada.

Conversely, this crisis may have benefited many metropolises in Australia and New Zealand that were less affected by the pandemic.

Only two European metropolises are among the top ten, and both are in Switzerland, where the health system is also rated particularly well.

The list of the ten best cities in the world to live in in 2021

►10 .: Brisbane in Australia.

Brisbane. Monika Häfliger from Pixabay

► 9th and 8th draw: Melbourne in Australia and Geneva in Switzerland.

Melbourne. Adrian Malec from Pixabay Geneva. Christophe Schindler from Pixabay

►7 .: Zurich in Switzerland.

Zurich. Images from Pixabay

►6e: Perth in Australia.

Perth. akenarinc from Pixabay

► 5th and 4th tied: Tokyo in Japan and Wellington in New Zealand.

Tokyo Jason Goh from Pixabay Wellington. Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

►3 .: Adelaide in Australia.

Adelaide. Wei Zhang from Pixabay

►2 .: Osaka in Japan.

Osaka. Gaby OBS from Pixabay

►1 .: Auckland in New Zealand.

Auckland. Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

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