What influences does the moon have on our sleep, body and mind?

Bad night, bad mood, need for nothing! What if it was the moon’s fault? We know that gardeners have always “played” with the lunar cycles to ensure good harvests. But the moon would also have an impact on our brain activity, our body and thus our moods and sleep!

A study by Swiss researchers published in 2014 tried to explain the influence of the different phases of the moon on sleep. The moon is the only natural satellite on earth, but it also remains a great mystery! It breaks the tide, revolves around us, and is believed to be responsible for some of our actions, moods, and instincts. Here’s what science, astrology, and various myths are saying about it.

The phases of the moon would influence our behavior and our moods differently. There are four phases:

New moon descending crescent full moon ascending crescent

According to some myths, the moon would therefore have different advantages or disadvantages depending on its position!

The new moon

The new moon is the phase in which the satellite is in contact with the sun. So it is a new cycle that is beginning. And this new cycle would be the best for doing new projects. It is also during the new moon period that you need to stop smoking or drinking, or even start dieting. Psychologically, the mind would be best controlled during this lunar period! This would enable us to better cope with deficiencies, changes and excesses of all kinds.

During this period, you will also need to cut your hair, prune diseased trees or plants. The new moon would make them grow back faster! On the other hand, hair removal on the new moon is absolutely avoided, as the hair also grows back much faster! The full moon returns roughly every 28 days and lasts for 2-3 days!

Regarding hair regrowth, the BusinessInsider website states that this belief is based on Brazilian and Asian myths. No scientific study currently supports the accuracy of these legends.

The waning moon

During this lunar period, the body frees itself from the weight that oppresses it! At this moment, therefore, it is necessary to make an effort, to go outside, to let go of the horses and the accumulated energy. It is, therefore, a good time to practice physical activities that require exertion and endurance. But it would also be the ideal time to begin dental work or to perform a surgical procedure. The success becomes more obvious! If your loved ones are not in good shape, it should stop even during the descending moon. The descent cycle lasts an average of 13 days and takes place immediately after the full moon!

Full moon

This moon phase occurs when the moon faces the sun. It then reflects its light. At this moment of the phases of the moon, in particular, the difficulties of falling asleep arise. Insomnia, nightmares, restless nights.

“We found that around the full moon, the delta activity of the EEG during sleep, an indicator of deep sleep, decreased by 30%, the time to sleep increased by 5 minutes, and the total sleep time determined by the EEG decreased by 20 minutes. These changes were associated with a decrease in subjective sleep quality and a decrease in endogenous melatonin levels. This is the first reliable evidence that a lunar rhythm can modulate the structure of human sleep when measured under strictly controlled conditions. “Explains the researchers in a study that was published on the website.

The body is then put under great pressure, which can weaken feelings. Therefore, during the full moon, man’s instinct is revealed. Let’s not forget that legend has it that werewolves only become werewolves on full moon nights! Seriously, the body holds fluids back more easily when under pressure. And the same pressure can make people more irritable.

Evidence that the lunar cycle affects human sleep. Photo credit: Shutterstock / kdshutterman

During the full moon, beings exposed to it and therefore “crazy” can increase their emotions tenfold, just like migraines or pain! This is absolutely not the time for these people to make big decisions or even start discussions. This could result in words not being thought out but being said!

The full moon phase lasts only a few hours, but it also has an impact on blood flow … Whether it is the menstrual flow of women or the bleeding from a wound, it is more intense than outside the full moon time.

A study published on the Pubmed website claims that the lunar cycles have a hormonal impact on insects, fish and birds. The same study finds that crimes, suicides, or traffic accidents are more numerous during the full moon, but cannot confirm a correlation between these findings.

The rising crescent

This phase takes place immediately after the full moon and thus before the new moon. The rising crescent would enable the organism to become like a sponge. That is, it would absorb everything and assimilate better than in the other phases.

Be careful, the ascending crescent is favorable for weight gain, so be careful of excess! On the other hand, it is the ideal moment to start a vitamin regimen, the body will benefit much better from it. The 13 days of the ascending crescent are beneficial for applying for a loan, negotiating a contract, or creating an associative project. On the other hand, fruit trees should never be pruned on the rising moon as there is a risk of no harvest! A full article by The Micro Gardener explains how to work with the moon and especially during the 4 phases of the moon in the garden. In astrology the craziest signs would be Cancer, Leo and Scorpio … We validate, and you?