What kind of insomnia are you and how can Dodow help you?

According to INSERM, one in three people is affected by sleep disorders. And between night awakening, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, the disorders are numerous and sometimes difficult to determine! However, sleeping in a restful sleep is an essential function for our body.

But before we can treat the problem, we still need to know what type of sleep disorder we are suffering from. To help you out, a small device called a Dodow will behave differently depending on the glitches it detects. Let’s try to see how it can help you sleep better depending on the disturbances present! In 2016 we tested Dodow because its success has never diminished.

Dodge what is it?

It’s a natural solution that will help you fall asleep faster than normal. By synchronizing your breathing with the lights projected on the ceiling, you can fall asleep more easily. By focusing on the blue light, stress is reduced. A Dodow session lasts approximately 8 minutes. This is the time it takes to deal with stress and get back to sleep-friendly breathing. More than 500,000 people already use Dodow to fall asleep.

Night awakening

These nocturnal awakenings are normal because sleep is made up of cycles that alternate light and deep sleep. So the problem isn’t waking up, it’s having difficulty falling asleep again! These difficulties are mostly caused by fears or worries that “take over your head”! But sometimes the difficulty lies in the fear of not waking up when the alarm clock finally goes off! This anxiety state activates neurotransmitters (norepinephrine) that keep you awake.

The stress

Stress is a major contributor to insomnia. By being stressed and tense, you subconsciously activate a defense mechanism known as an “alert state”. It is characterized by hyperactivity of the nervous system. By secreting norepinephrine, the excitation center of your brain is on alert. Usually the transition from alarm to hibernation is done in a few minutes … However, for people with constant stress, this passage takes a few hours, which is why it is impossible to fall asleep!

Thoughts or worries

People who are always in a turmoil often have trouble falling asleep. As with the previous factors, the brain thinks and therefore stays awake! Daily worries play a bit the same role as thinking about tomorrow. You’re forcing your brain to stay awake when you want it to go to sleep! Thinking may be the best solution, but it’s not that easy to put into practice. Dodow helps you focus on things other than your thoughts, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Stress is a major contributor to insomnia. Photo credit: Shutterstock / AA.Shkob

Chronic insomnia

Sometimes it just takes insomnia to enter the vicious cycle of chronic insomnia! In the nights after the first insomnia, you can think about whether you will finally fall asleep! The simple fact of believing that you will not get it causes your brain to stay awake … Very often, when you finally manage to let go, you fall asleep, and sometimes it is time to start a new day put!

Dodow can help you

For all of these reasons, as well as insomnia related to pregnancy or noisy environments, Dodow can help you fall asleep. Different sleep programs are available depending on your own difficulty. For example, in chronic insomnia, the program lasts 20 minutes, but the goal is to reach the legal 8 minutes in non-insomnia! On average, users estimate that they fall asleep about 2.5 times faster than without a Dodow. Which in the end would save you a hundred hours of sleep a year!