What we know about the new digital ID card is expected on August 2nd

The new digital identity card will be tested in the Oise this week before being rolled out across the territory on August 2nd.

Goodbye to the “classic” identity card and welcome to the digital identity card, which was finally formalized by a decree published on March 14th. This card is smaller and allows access to public or private services that require reliable identification. A way for the government to fight counterfeiting and identity theft.

The document will be presented this Tuesday, March 16, and will be tested after the Oise, reports Le Parisien. The deployment is expected on August 2nd (deadline set by the European Union for the modernization of identification documents in the 27 member states).


The “electronic identity card” contains biometric data such as fingerprints and facial photos. This is especially true for passports. This data is stored on the chip contained on the card and can be transferred to an external database for those who allow this. Note that you can travel across Europe with this optional card. It also wants to be “inviolable” in the face of counterfeiting attempts by counterfeiters.

Marlène Schiappa, ministerial delegate responsible for citizenship, assured the Parisian that the process established by law does not violate individual freedoms.

Several European countries have not waited for the regulations to switch to an electronic format. Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Baltic countries have already switched to this format. Finland has had this electronic system since 1999.