Who are the military signatories of the controversial forum in Valeurs Actuelles?

The essentials Several soldiers signed a column in the weekly “Current Values”, warning the executive branch of the risk of France “falling apart”. Who are you ?

Many soldiers signed a column that appeared in the weekly newspaper “Valeurs Actuelles” on April 21, alarmed about the “collapse” of France and the “risk of civil war”. An appeal that is controversial, especially since Marine Le Pen has decided to support it. Minister Florence Parly condemned the “irresponsible” politicization of the armies.

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But who are the signatories of this forum which, according to the magazine, mobilized “twenty generals, a hundred high-ranking officers and more than a thousand other soldiers”?


The initiator of the platform is Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a former officer in the gendarmerie and the army. From 1993 to 1994, according to Liberation, he was a member of the DPS, the security service of the Front National.

Christian Piquemal, former general and principal signer of the appeal, is one of the members close to the theories of Renaud Camus and Grand Replacement, as explained by France Info. He was expelled from the army in 2016 after taking part in a demonstration against migrants in Calais and against the “Islamization of Europe” together with members of the right-wing extremist German Pegida party.

Another figure, General Antoine Martinez, a former air force who, according to Liberation, is a candidate for the 2022 presidential election with a program denouncing “Islamization” and “non-European settlement immigration”.

We also find in the list André Coustou, Daniel Grosmaire and Roland Dubois, soldiers who co-signed an appeal to Emmanuel Macron against the signing of the “Marrakech Pact”, reports LCI.

RN activists

Among the signatories, General François Gaubert elected RN in the Occitanie Regional Council. “He was a candidate for the ministry in the canton of Montpellier 5. At the end of 2015 he was elected to the regional council. Today he is a candidate for the parliamentary elections in the 4th district of Hérault in the canton of Mèze”, reports France 3 Occitanie.

Emmanuel de Richoufftz, who also signed the platform, was a candidate for the 2019 municipal elections in Grau-du-Roi am Gard, first on an RN list and then on a Debout-la-France list.

There is also “Eric Champoiseau, candidate on a Pro-RN list in Libourne, in Gironde” or “Norbert de Cacqueray, candidate on an RN list in Vannes, in Morbihan”, details BFMTV.

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