Who does this truffle belong to? A detection system that scans dogs’ nasal prints!

We know that our fingerprints are unique … and that they allow us to identify ourselves precisely! But what about our four-legged companions? Can they be identified by their pads? Or maybe through their truffles?

This wet truffle that tickles your face in the early morning could therefore be a means of identification for our dog lovers. While the idea might seem a bit far-fetched, it could be an additional idea for identifying an animal! Not all of them come with Petlink Medals, so an application currently in beta testing can act as a chip reader! Explanations.

Almost 100,000 pets were reported lost in 2018 and fewer than 25% of them were found by their respective owners. “These are 3 dogs and 6 cats that disappear every hour in France,” reports the website lepoint.fr, according to AFP. Worse still, “almost 50% of lost animals were not found during detention,” a study by Pet Alert shows. Numbers that “obviously can be explained by asking to stay home to avoid the spread of COVID-19”. Specifies the association in a press release.

The pet food brand IAMS could revolutionize animal identification and make reunions easier! This system is an application called NOSEiD. It uses image recognition and scans your dog’s nose. It reports our source positive. If the nose is registered in the application’s database, it will only take a few seconds to identify your dog.

“Image recognition to scan a stray dog’s nasal pressure and give its rescuer the owner’s contact details”. Photo credit: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

And how exactly does it work?

It is actually quite simple! All you have to do is download the NOSEiD application on your smartphone … Then, as with all applications, you need to create a profile and scan his nose: the hardest thing is to immobilize the dog during the scan!

If the dog is lost, the dog handler reports this via the app and immediately notifies all other users. And you don’t have to have a dog to use the app. This way, all members of the NOSEiD community can stay vigilant if a dog runs away.

However, do not try to install it if you are in France. The application is currently being tested in Nashville, USA. But if the tests prove conclusive, we can see it hit here! Finding a dog can sometimes be a long process and causes immeasurable stress for the owner. Therefore, any suggestions to find him as soon as possible are interesting.

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