Who was Jamel G., the attacker in the fatal attack on a policewoman in Rambouillet?

The Basics A 49-year-old policewoman named Stéphanie was stabbed in the throat that Friday at the Rambouillet police station where she worked. The attacker Jamel G., 36, was shot dead by the police. Update what we know about him right now.

A 49-year-old policeman was stabbed in an attack on the Rambouillet police station in Yvelines on Friday 23 April. The attacker Jamel G. was shot dead by a brigadier. He shouted “Allah Akbar” at the time of the attack, which resulted in referral to the national anti-terrorist prosecution. We take stock of what we know about the attacker.

A Tunisian in France since 2009

Jamel G., 36, was a Tunisian citizen from the Sousse region in the east of the country. According to the first information, he came to France in an irregular situation in 2009 and, according to a police source, has been regulated since then. He received an exceptional residence permit for workers in 2019 and a residence permit in 2020, according to the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office. The attacker, who worked as a delivery driver, had lived in a house outside of Rambouillet for several years. In the past he lived in Val-de-Marne in Thiais.

Unknown to secret services

According to one of his former neighbors, who was interviewed by AFP and who knew him at this address for two months in 2017, Jamel G. was a “Muslim” man who, however, “did not practice”, lived alone and worked in the building. He was unknown to the police and the secret services, as several police sources confirmed to AFP. According to a relative of his family in Tunisia interviewed by AFP, he lived with his aunt and had at least two brothers, including a twin.

Radicalized During Delivery?

Jamel G. published articles on social networks denouncing Islamophobia. But he had only published prayers and verses from the Koran in full custody since April 2020. The sign of a possible radicalization during this time? A few days after the murder of Professor Samuel Paty in the Yvelines, he changed his profile picture and participated in a virtual campaign called “Respect Mohamed, Prophet of God”.

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