Why Do Some Doctors Recommend Vitamin D? And how do I avoid overdosing?

We’ve heard a lot about vitamin D in the past few weeks! According to some doctors, it would be effective in the fight against Covid 19 … According to other doctors, supplementation makes sense, but has no effect on the coronavirus …

In short, like chloroquine, nasal spray, tissue masks and then FFP2, we don’t know which direction to turn! Like any drug or dietary supplement, vitamin D is necessary for our body, but it is better to avoid overdosing! But do you know what vitamin D is by the way? How can we refuel without medication? And most importantly, what is it for?

What is Vitamin D

It is a prohormone that is synthesized in the skin under the action of ultraviolet rays and thus the sun. It is then transported to the liver and kidneys to be converted into an active hormone. It allows calcium to be absorbed in the intestines and strengthens bones. Vitamins D2 and D3 are also found in some foods.

What is vitamin D used for?

This vitamin, which occurs naturally in the sun, but also in ampoules or capsules, helps fight bone demineralization and osteoporosis. Hence the systematic prescription to the elderly.

According to a group of doctors, a vitamin D deficiency can “ease” the serious forms of Covid 19 … But even if it is over-the-counter, doctors advise seeking medical advice to avoid overdosing.

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Vitamin D is essential for our body and since it is naturally provided by light, it is necessary to take nutritional supplements in winter. If the elderly are supplemented with vitamin D most of the time, a group of 73 French-speaking experts gathered around Professor Annweiler, head of the geriatric service at Angers University Hospital, now recommends that everyone be supplemented.

Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating the immune system and could potentially protect against infection. In fact, it could prevent serious forms of Covid 19 as well.

Supplement for everyone?

According to the study by Prof. Annweiler in the journal Nutrients, supplementation could prevent severe forms of the coronavirus for the entire population. This could make it possible to limit visits to the intensive care unit without replacing vaccination. For these scientists, supplementation, if already in place, must remain as it is, and otherwise vitamin D must be taken before infection or at the onset of symptoms.

This would make it possible to modulate ACE2, which is used by the virus to infect cells. Vitamin D would regulate immunity through the production of peptides (antiviral and anti-inflammatory). Eventually, it would prevent hypovitaminosis, which appears to be a risk factor for severe forms of Covid 19.

According to a Spanish study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism on October 27, 2020, 82% of 216 people hospitalized for Covid 19 were vitamin D deficient.


Watch out for overdosing!

Two doctors from Lille University Hospital draw attention to the overdose of this food supplement. If you decide to take vitamin D, see your doctor. Or strictly adhere to the daily dosages stated in your instructions for use!

In the event of an overdose, you increase the level of calcium in the blood excessively, which can have serious consequences. Nausea, tiredness for the mildest, but it can go up to cramps or even coma. Doctors point out that taking vitamin D doesn’t guarantee you won’t get infected, it can prevent severe forms!

Which foods contain vitamin D?

Although the sun remains the main source of vitamin D, there are certain foods that can make up 10 to 20% of vitamin D stores.

Oily fish like salmon, mackerel or herring with a serving of two servings per week. Liver or offal in general dairy products fortified with vitamin D butter and margarine egg yolk cheese, all cheeses red meat cod liver oil

Don’t think that vitamin D is a miracle cure. To make sure you don’t have a deficiency, get a blood test. Then, with the help of your doctor, you will know whether you need vitamin D … Not to avoid Covid 19, but only for your well-being!

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