Why do you need to stop sending emails with a simple “thank you”?

We get hundreds of emails every day for some … And as a courtesy or to make sure the sender knows you got the message, reply “OK” or “Thank you” or “Have a good day” ! Error! British researchers were interested in the succinct responses to emails and the carbon emissions they could generate … And the result is clear: in order to reduce the carbon emissions associated with sending emails, we must ourselves agree to review the rules of courtesy!

And remember that an email, even if it seems harmless, is not without its environmental impact! Sending email heats up the servers that are emitting more and more carbon … a vicious cycle we all get caught in!

Why do unnecessary emails pollute?

If we sent paper letters before e-mails, those days are over and you will avoid wasting paper. But the digital exchange is apparently not more environmentally friendly! The UK study explains that if every subject sends His Majesty one less email each day, it will save 16 tons of CO2 a year … That is, 80,000 flights between Madrid and London! Impressive, isn’t it?

Every day billions of emails are exchanged and often nothing important to say! As early as 2019, ADEME was alarmed when it stated that sending emails is responsible for 4% of global CO2 emissions … ie 1% more than global air traffic!

How can this pollution be limited?

Make sure to turn off your computing equipment if you will not be using it for a few hours. You save your service life and limit your CO2 emissions. Close the tabs you are not using! And limit online videos … Empty your mailboxes every day or week and empty your trash too. Infographic Credits: Foxintelligence.

Stop being too polite!

A team responsible for fighting harmful digital practices took an interest in unnecessary emails. In a report published by the Financial Times, she states that she has investigated the unnecessary emails that are sent every day. This study, carried out in preparation for COP26 to be held in Glasgow in November 2021, highlights the excesses of using unnecessary email. In France alone there are 1.4 billion emails a day and 75% are useless. A simple email without a photo generates 4 grams of CO2 between sending and receiving.

Top 10 most useless emails

Thank you very much Thank you very much Have a nice weekend Top Have a nice evening Have you seen / seen this? Great you too LOL

Specifically, this doesn’t mean we need to get rid of the courtesy of our exchanges … Just remember to send an email wisely and not just say, “Hello, how are you today?” “Or” Well received “! And in order not to sound like a savage, don’t hesitate to talk about your ecological approach or a little signature like” I’m not rude if I don’t answer all of your emails, I’ll just cut it down add my CO2 emissions “!

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