Why does Nike censor “Satan Shoes” and not “Jesus Shoes”?

Red ink mixed with a real drop of blood. Image credit: MSCHF

The sports shoe giant Nike doesn’t like the idea of ​​kidnapping one of its models from the rapper Lil Nas X! The vase seems to have overflowed because of this idea, a little absurd, you have to admit. Lil Nas X hijacked Air Max 97 in partnership with MSCHF Studios, including …

A real drop of blood! Satanic shoes that didn’t like the brand that just sued the rapper and creative studio at all! As much as the Nike “grass” or holy water didn’t bother them, but it doesn’t pass there at all!

Nike usually encourages designers to kidnap their shoes, they tend to like creative people. But this time the rapper seems to have gone too far. On the shoe we see the numbers “10:18”, a reference to chapter 10, verse 18 of the Bible.

This verse refers to Jesus seeing Satan fall in a flash! In the sole we find red ink mixed with a real drop of blood, the origin of which we do not know … And of course 666 copies of these shoes are made!

666 copies made! Image credit: MSCHF

666 pairs sold in a few days!

As for the retail price: 1018 € and already sold out! Between scandal and brilliant publicity stunt, public opinion is not sure which basketball to dance on! MSCHF studios are not on their first try since the Jesus shoes with water from the Jordan, they already were! Nike had no problem with that.

The rapper and the creative studio are therefore being sued by Nike in federal court in Brooklyn for infringement … and the sales money may not be enough to pay for the damage! Nike doesn’t want his shoes to be distracted, but we can’t play with fire or the devil! * At the time of writing, the Satan Shoes official page has been removed and is instead displaying an official statement regarding the ongoing legal proceedings …