Why should we keep feeding birds in the spring?

We have a habit of feeding the birds when it is cold and stopping “human” care as soon as spring returns. However, if this habit was in place a few years ago, it would seem that feeding birds in the spring is no longer harmful to them now.

Intensive agriculture and the use of pesticides make natural foods scarce as birds enter a reproductive cycle. It would therefore be advisable from now on to continue to feed them in the spring … Only the very hot months and the birth of the chicks would enable them to find sufficient food.

Promote reproduction

If in winter feeding the birds is a question of survival for them, as there is no more food … In spring it would be more a question of “strength” … The breeding season takes place from March to September. But at the beginning of this period sometimes the food runs out …

At the end of summer there is more food and nature allows them to take care of themselves. The reproductive cycle requires efforts such as fighting for territory, building a nest, and of course feeding the young! In addition, by feeding them in winter we still make them dependent on this food intake … They will therefore always look for food in their usual place!

A study published in the British Truth of Ornithology explains that feeding chickadees in winter weakens their future reproductive cycle. And that stopping the supply in the spring weakens them even more. So either we never give or we give less until the end of May!

Birds should NEVER be fed bread … Photo credit: Shutterstock / Tatiana Gordievskaia

But what should we give them then?

Be careful, birds are fragile creatures and foods bought from a pet store are more beneficial to them. According to the LifeHacker website and many specialists, birds should NEVER feed bread … it is not a natural food for them and is only used to fill their stomachs without providing any nutritional value. Avoid the fat balls with nets, they pose a danger to the animal that can get caught in them and get stuck there … And for the environment these nets are mostly made of plastic.

If you do not want to buy already prepared mixtures, you can give sunflower seeds, fresh fruit (bananas, oranges …). Remember to clean the feed troughs often or keep them protected … Moldy food could just kill them!