Will the collector and television star Pierre-Jean Chalençon attend secret dinners in the presence of ministers?

The Basics In a report on clandestine social dinners broadcast on M6, one of the organizers presented as a “renowned collector” is interviewed. It would be the former star of the Affaire Complete Show and owner of the Palais Vivienne in Paris.

The Parisian elite in turmoil … This Friday April 2nd, M6 aired a report in which journalists managed to infiltrate a secret social event in Paris. Menus from 160 euros: champagne, prestigious dining room, sophisticated guests … and little or no hygiene measures.

The sequence seems unlikely, especially when we hear the organizer of this illegal jump questioned by the TV station. The practice of these dinners would be common: “I ate in two or three so-called illegal restaurants this week,” explains the one who speaks anonymously, but Pierre-Jean Chalençon, a major Parisian collector known throughout France for his participation in 2017 and 2020 through the “Affair Completed” program on France 2. It is an internet user who, according to the M6 ​​report, believes they have recognized the Palais Vivienne, a prestigious manor owned by Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

For your information, the “collector” is @JeanChalencon and the location is the Palais Vivienne. It was my office so I’ll recognize this place between 1000.
I wish this irresponsible idiot a visit from @PoliceNationale very quickly and a huge fine

– Etienne Durand (@Magicfrog) April 3, 2021

The latter even goes so far as to say in the sequence that “ate with a certain number of ministers”. If we must certainly avoid giving too much credit to this statement, which was dropped at the stroke, the testimony of who would be the famous collector is revealing nonetheless. These secret social events attract good people.

An unscrupulous cook “close to the stars”

To see it, just go to the Chef’s Instagram account for those evenings, presented by M6 as “little known to the public but close to the stars”. It would be Christophe Leroy, manager of several restaurants, including in Saint-Tropez, who allegedly organized the wedding of Johnny Halliday, among other things. In the social network, he promotes events (supporting photos of gastronomic dishes) and encourages interested parties to contact him by email.

The connection between the collector and the chef is also unmistakable: the two mention and comment on each other in their publications, and Christophe Leroy promotes the Palais Vivienne. It should also be noted that he is currently moderating his Instagram account: several publications, including one with Pierre-Jean Chalençon and one with the menu for the evening of April 1st, have been deleted.