Will the mandatory technical inspection for two or three wheels come into effect soon?

Bikers account for 23% of the deaths or 133 mopeds killed in 627 accidents. Photo credit: Shutterstock / fotoliza

The introduction of a compulsory technical inspection for two- or three-wheelers has been discussed for a number of years. However, following a vote by the Committee on Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament, the situation could accelerate rapidly.

Already compulsory in some countries such as Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Cyprus or Malta. French bikers may therefore have to hand over their vehicles to the control by January 1, 2022 … With the aim, as with cars, to reduce the number of road deaths. And only allow safe vehicles to circulate.

The Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) passed a draft resolution on Thursday, February 25, 2021, with motorized two- and three-wheelers going through a mandatory technical inspection. The bill received 48 votes and only 1 against.

This new measure falls within the framework of the “Zero Deaths on the Roads” goal for 2050. Bikers pay a heavy price for physical accidents. And yet, according to TRAN, the mortality rate among bikers is the slowest among all vehicle users.

This new law could apply from January 1st. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Antonio Guillem

Objective: to reduce the number of road deaths

According to road safety, 23% of the deaths or 133 mopeds in 627 accidents are due to bikers. Previously, only the technical inspection of a motorcycle was mandatory as part of a resale.

According to Moto Mag, a site specializing in two-wheelers, this new law could apply from January 1st. The law has yet to be ratified and then submitted to the European Commission. But we don’t see anything that could prevent implementation. Regardless of the vehicle you choose, safety is priceless. This law is likely to be a source of controversy, but it is required to be able to drive on approved and controlled machines.