Will tonic coffee be the drink of summer 2021?

Last summer Café Dalgona had the favor of social networks … But times change and this delicious blend of instant coffee, water and sugar we made a whipped coffee worthy of StarBucks … But this summer the tonic coffee or #coffeetonic seems to have dethroned the Dalgona Café!

If 2020 coffee seemed sweet and luscious, tonic coffee wouldn’t! The recipe is even easier than Dalgona Café and this somewhat bizarre drink is, as we have to admit, emulated on social networks like TikTok! General Tour of Tonic Coffee!

What is tonic coffee?

This drink should be refreshing and mix coffee, Schweppes-like tonic (or tonic water) and ice cubes. It would already be famous in Asian countries. We didn’t test it because we didn’t love the idea of ​​mixing these products either. just that! But according to those who tested it, this drink would taste like coffee … lemony! Thanks to the quinine contained in the tonic, the lemon peel would be very present. Many influencers on Instagram pass this #toniccoffee on all over the world!

Mix 150 ml of tonic and 60 ml of cold, strong coffee (espresso). Photo credit: Shutterstock / Stefan Csontos

And the recipe?

If you want to try this new drink, you need to mix 150 ml of tonic and 60 ml of cold strong coffee (espresso). Add a few ice cubes and enjoy! Some will decorate this drink with cinnamon, lemon juice or honey …

Others are rumored to be adding gin too. But be careful, alcohol abuse is harmful to your health and should be consumed in moderation. The sale of alcohol to minors under the age of 18 is still prohibited. Health!