With Docteur Conso we take care of the planet together thanks to the participatory guide for responsible consumers!

Since the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the environmental and energy transition has been a priority and caring for the planet has become everyone’s business! Even though more of us are changing our behavior and adopting responsible consumption, it is easy to feel lost or restricted in finding responsible purchases …

So what could be more useful than a tool that turns our old messenger from the yellow pages into green pages ?! It is possible and it is thanks to you! If you are environmentally conscious and want to learn how to consume better locally and ethically, Docteur Conso is the guide to take action to become a responsible consumer actor!

Let’s take care of the planet with Doctor Conso!

This website aims to identify all environmentally conscious companies and artisans in France! The platform is online and free of charge in 2018. Docteur Conso already lists more than 300 players, including traders and craftsmen, who have a positive impact on the environment.

In short, it is in its place that it is cheap to go shopping! Thanks to its founder, Sébastien Garcia, who got to know the actors of change in this region, the site is already comprehensive in the Toulouse region. Nevertheless, the platform is above all participatory, it only wants to be enriched on a national level and thank you!

© Docteur Conso: Sébastien Garcia, founder of Docteur Conso and the Silex & Fourchette team – PaléoFood in Toulouse

A guide written by consumers

Join Doctor Conso to heal our beautiful blue planet by making it greener! In this guide, you are the label! You can integrate your favorite organic shop, your responsible addresses and thus join the consumer community! This allows users to confidently search for responsible retailers near their homes by selecting a search category or consulting the map which geolocates all of the listed businesses.

You can also rate and interact with companies operating in your area by adding likes, so-called “bees”, and commenting on the profiles of the tested facilities. Thanks to a caring state of mind, this is a way to empower the most dedicated while helping others change their habits. You can make a “diagnosis” or suggest a “prescription” by offering solutions. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” and building the world of tomorrow together, this is a fun way to bring citizens and local businesses together.

Encourage citizens to transform businesses into their homes

Sébastien Garcia: “Doctor Conso defends the local and circular economy, short circuits, ecological responsibility and of course the social bond that all of this creates. For example, a pizzeria in Toulouse featured on the Docteur Conso website wanted to incorporate comments from contributors about its activity. Since then, she has swapped the flour for an organic and a local one, and traded her sodas at large retailers for local production. “

Assistance in implementing an environmentally friendly and virtuous approach to small structures.

Lack of inspiration? The website has a recipe booklet on its blog and soon a geolocated webzine that aims to make responsible companies visible and thus multiply the sources of inspiration.

In 2021 Docteur Conso is developing its health services! So that the platform remains free for the general public as well as for companies, it offers CSR support – social and ecological responsibility. This service is aimed at businesses of all sizes so that they can employ a way of working that integrates environmentally friendly and virtuous solutions.

This platform is a real transition tool that everyone must use to advance the sustainable approach of each individual. Docteur Conso becomes the first social network that makes it possible to heal the planet today and to enliven the eco-world of tomorrow!