With spring the wasps come back! How can you repel them and avoid bites?

Normally we should start our third deconfining from May 3rd … And with the beautiful days that come back, the desire for nature will be great! And there, hidden in your cedar hedges, under the roof of your house, they are waiting for you, they are watching you …

The wasps are coming back to roam your patio furniture looking for the slightest chance to try a melon or a juicy peach! And if you are unfortunate enough to scare them away with grand gestures, you could upset them and get stung! Some bites can be dangerous if, for example, you are allergic … Here’s how to avoid or soothe them.

What if you discover a nest?

First you need to try to determine if your nest is near your patio. To do this, you have to watch the wasps come and go … If they always come and go in the same place, a nest has probably already been built or is under construction. If the nest is small, you can destroy it yourself. To do this, cover yourself from head to toe and close your sleeves and pants. Take action at night when the wasps are sleeping. Spray as much insecticide as possible and seal the nest in a closed plastic bag.

However, if the nest is large or inaccessible, contact a professional or the fire department. Please note that firefighters’ intervention in a wasp’s nest is no longer free, but will be billed at between € 80 and € 150.

Be careful not to confuse a wasp’s nest with alveoli on the outside with a nest of Asian hornets! The consequences will be very different, and the nests of Asian hornets will have to be destroyed by professionals.

How do I avoid bites?

A few simple steps are enough to avoid wasp stings. You just have to do everything you can not to attract them!

Close your trash cans and containers … never leave your trash without putting it in a trash bag. Don’t put on fragrant sunscreens, they love it … Like hairspray or perfumes … Wasps are very sensitive to smells. Don’t run, don’t clap your hands … In short, don’t panic, the more you gesticulate, the more you annoy the wasp, the more the risk of you paying! Close your soda cans and remember to put your glasses on the table. It often happens that they get trapped in sugary liquids … and if you swallow it, the sting in the mouth is very dangerous as it can lead to suffocation due to the swelling from the sting. How do I avoid bites? Photo credit: Shutterstock / luismigueljj

Some natural remedies to keep wasps away

There are plants or essential oils that repel wasps from our gardens or patios.

Essential oils from real lavender, fragrant geranium, lavandin, lemongrass. The repellent plants are rose geranium, mint, thyme, tomato leaves and mugwort from auron or lemongrass

You will understand, wasps hate lavender, whether in plants or in oils … it’s time to plant lavender plants on your patio … you will enjoy the sweet scent that smells of Provence and move the enemies of your grills away with you Friends!

If you are using a wasp trap to hang or place on the table, the different mixes that will attract them are as follows:

Beer and apple juice Beer and black currant syrup or beer and jam

And don’t worry about bees, they hate the smell of beer so you don’t accidentally catch them and keep protecting them!

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