Without a driver’s license and with a 4-month-old baby who is not buckled up in the car, he enforces a roadblock from the police in Agen

A man was arrested in Agen on Wednesday night. Without a driver’s license, he refused to submit to an inspection. He ran into a police barrage. To increase the number of crimes, he also drove in the vehicle with an unborn four-month-old baby.

On the night of Wednesday 10 Thursday, around 3 a.m., a police patrol saw a car with illegible license plates driving. The driver refuses to obey the police officers’ instructions. He even presses the mushroom hard to escape.

Car tracking

A chase begins in the streets of Agen. The driver multiplies the violations. In the event of a barrage, it forces the rolling passage onto the extended harrow. It takes more to stop. It even continues its crazy trajectory on the rims of the vehicle. A few hundred meters further on, he interrupts his race on foot and leaves the other occupants in the car.

Without a driver’s license

Thrown on his heels, the police in Agen manage to catch up with him. 26 years old, he was accompanied by his partner. And to top it all off, he was driving a barely 4 month old baby who was sitting in the back seat in an unsecured cradle, and above all this driver did not have a driver’s license that he failed. .

The man who lived in Périgueux was passing through between Toulouse and the Dordogne. He was taken into custody.

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