Women’s Rights Day: Almost 2,000 protesters in the center of Toulouse

The essentials At the initiative of several unions, a demonstration is being organized in downtown Toulouse. Several thousand people have come together in the name of women’s rights.

Almost 2,000 people gathered in downtown Toulouse on Monday March 8th in the name of women’s rights. A large “international and feminist” demonstration is organized on the initiative of various collectives and unions.

“The restriction has shown that women are essential to the functioning of society and are permanently invisible. This is underlined in a declaration jointly signed by the CGT Haute-Garonne, Solidaires and the FSU 31. We will be on the streets to To put an end to wages and pension differences and therefore demand the improvement of predominantly female professions, the recognition of qualifications and the difficulty of the professions. ”

Several hundred people demonstrated in the city on Monday in the name of women’s rights. DDM Hocine Zaoui

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Toulouse City Hall is launching Gender Equality Month and has put together several events with associations and neighborhood partners. 600 portraits of women will be exhibited in various public gardens in the city until March 31st.

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