Worrying disappearance in the Pyrenees-Atlantic: Corinne’s family, 56, without news since Friday

The essentials The Morlaas gendarmerie in the Pyrenees-Atlantic is hit by a worrying disappearance and calls for testimony in order to find Corinne Bertaud.

Corinne Bertaud, a resident of Espoey (64) near Soumoulou, 56 years old, left her home on Friday morning April 30 to go to Pau. She has not given any news since then.

Her relatives, worried that she will not return in the evening, try to reach her on her cell phone several times, but irretrievably fall for her voicemail. They then warn the Morlaas Gendarmerie around 7 p.m. and state that Corinne is not familiar with the facts, hence their growing fear.

The gendarmes take this disappearance very seriously and immediately start an investigation. Research and studies on the telephony of the disappeared are currently nothing.

A call to testify starts with a very detailed description of Corinne and the vehicle in which she left home:

56-year-old woman, normal build, 174 cm, shoulder-length black hair with locks, driving a light gray BMW 1 Series vehicle, approved BT-455-KN. No known dress code. Not common for the facts. Last geolocation with the tph operator on April 30th. In the municipality of Limendous (Soumoulou sector).

If you have any information, contact the Morlaas Gendarmerie at or notify CORG64 at 17.

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