Xav-19: A laboratory in Nantes publishes the encouraging results of its drug against Covid 19

More than a year this Covid19 epidemic poisoned our lives, it kills hundreds of people every day … There have been vaccines since January 2021 but between age categories, the bad press from AstraZeneca and dispensing doses that slide down , it’s such an obstacle course.

Not to mention that most “active” people are currently not affected by vaccinations … And when treatment against Covid19 finally resulted in us receiving a specific care solution instead of a vaccine … On the treatment side, we were entitled to it Some theories that have proven ineffective. This time the hope would come from a laboratory in Nantes :!

This laboratory has been working on a treatment against Covid19 for months. Its president, Odile Duvaux, has just published the results of the first phase of the clinical trial. And these results show the effectiveness of the treatment. All you need to do is get temporary approval to use it. And Odile Duvaux hopes to get it in midsummer 2021.

A cocktail of antibodies

Clinical studies carried out at the University Hospital of Nantes show the effectiveness of the drug. Known as Xav-19, it has polyclonal antibodies, or in other words, a cocktail of antibodies that attack the coronavirus. 398 patients have taken this drug in 35 French hospitals, and even if the exact results have not been released, the laboratory confirms that it is very effective.

“It is a precautionary principle that applies almost everywhere in the world. In view of this epidemic, however, England and most other countries publish the results of their studies in the month after the end of the studies, ”explains Odile Duvaux of the France3 regions location.

A cocktail of antibodies. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Iryna Kaliukina

The laboratory is now awaiting approval from the French Medicines Agency to validate its treatment. But also pre-orders from the French state and why not from other countries. This would allow him to start large-scale production of the Xav-19.

Maybe finally a hope not to avoid catching covid19 but actually to cure it when we get infected. Everyone really wants to believe it! In the meantime, we continue to respect barrier gestures and avoid contamination. We don’t really have a choice!

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