Yatri P0: widescreen and remote update for the electric motorcycle that dreamed of being a Tesla

For many, electric vehicles are the future of transportation solutions. It must be said that the concept is really interesting: you don’t need gasoline or diesel, you just have to “charge” the battery well and off you go!

Yes, but after that it all depends on the range of the vehicle in question. Imagine some can travel very long distances on a single charge! This is especially true of the Yatri P0, an electric motorcycle that promises to swallow hundreds of kilometers on a fully charged battery. We tell you everything.

A motorcycle that sends heavily!

The story of the Yatri P20 begins in 2017 when the Nepalese manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles announced its intention to embark on an electric motorcycle project. The first prototype saw the light of day in 2019, but it wasn’t until two years later that the Yatri P0 was finally announced and unveiled.

With its round LED and tubular frame, the design of the Yatri P0 is very similar to that of the cafe racer. The bike also features a 7-inch touchscreen to which other high-tech features such as 4G connectivity and keyless start are added.

In terms of performance, they are more than honorable. In fact, it was announced that the Yatri P0 will have a 48 kW electric motor capable of speeds of up to 140 km / h. The motorcycle is powered by an 8 kWh battery that can be fully charged in just two hours. Better still, the battery promises a long range of 230 km on a single charge!

Photo credit: Yatri Motorcycles

Pre-orders are open

On paper, the Yatri P0 has everything from an interesting electric motorcycle, especially with its incredible autonomy. We are waiting to find out more about the vehicle and its many other services … In any case, those interested do not have to wait long to afford one thing: pre-orders have been available since April 23rd.

Note, however, that no information has yet been given on the price of the Yatri P0. The international availability and the marketing date of the electric motorcycle are not yet known to us. However, all of this information should not be long in coming.

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