Yohann Malory, writer for Johnny Hallyday and M Pokora, has been taken into police custody for sexual assault

The Basics The pen of Johnny Hallyday, M. Pokora and Miossec, Yohann Malory, is in custody for sexual assault. Several testimonials denounce the singer’s actions. The latter had filed a complaint of defamatory denunciation in January.

Yohann Malory, copywriter for Johnny Hallyday, especially M Pokora and Miossec, was taken into police custody in Paris on Wednesday. The 36-year-old writer, composer and lyricist has been detained by the 1st DPJ (judicial police), the same source added, and has confirmed information from Point.

Paris prosecutors opened an investigation on October 19 after several complaints were filed involving Yohann Malory for sexual offenses. According to The Point and the Parisian, it is a 24-year-old artist, Lola Le Lann, who broke the affair by announcing on October 6 that she had decided to cancel the release of her first album. She then stated that she had received several testimonials accusing Yohann Malory, one of the writers of the songs on her album, of the attack.

The texter’s lawyer, Me Antoine Vey, then argued that his client was “a victim of defamatory and very evolving publications on social networks”. On January 8, Yohann Malory sent the Paris prosecutor a complaint about defamatory denunciation.