“You can be whatever you want”, a Russian cosmonaut inspires a “cosmonaut barbie”!

Do you know Anna Kikina? This woman is the only Russian cosmonaut in activity! Since 2012 she has been the only Russian woman to practice this profession! And this year she will be the face of a Barbie doll as part of the Mattel campaign “You can be whoever you want” …

Cosmonaut obviously! The campaign says literally “You can be what you want” and is intended to inspire young girls to choose a career and not to submit to it! The Barbie doll is the most popular toy in the world … And these dolls speak to all young girls in one universal language! Anna Kikina will therefore be the new model that will inspire the Barbie cosmonaut!

Two models for the Barbie Cosmonaut

This new model from Barbie will be available in two versions:

You will wear the flight suit inspired by the one Anna Kikina wore in training. The other will wear the Russian spacesuit for extraterrestrial activities. The Orlan-MKS combination.

Anna Kikina’s reaction

“As a child, I didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut. But if I had had a Barbie cosmonaut doll, I would have had the idea of ​​becoming an astronaut even then, ”Anna Kikina explains in her interview. “With her picture, Barbie Cosmonaut not only shows the child the job, but also conveys the understanding that everyone has the chance to become an astronaut who does not miss it and who prepares himself to realize his ideas. It is not necessary that every girl who plays with such a barbie wants to become an astronaut. The most important thing is that they all know that they have a choice, that they have the right to choose – whatever profession they want. “States the astronaut.

“You can be what you want”. Photo credit: Mattel / Barbie

She also believes that this representation of the Barbie doll depicts not only a cosmonaut, but the fact that young girls can become one! This cannot trigger vocations, but it does let the children know that their future career choices are theirs. Even if it seems a bit sexist, Russian society continues to focus on what is known as man’s business for men and this Barbie doll therefore shakes the conscience!

But this doll is not for sale!

This campaign with a specific goal isn’t about increasing Mattel’s sales. The cosmonaut doll “Kikina” is not sold. But it is offered during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in space in 1961.

This is not a first for the Barbie who dons an astronaut costume … As early as 1965, the “Barbie Miss Astronaut” would have been inspired by Valentina Tereshkova … The first woman in the world to fly in space!

Many Barbie astronauts came to expand the collection and always in connection with a specific event like the 1985 “Barbie Astronaut” who celebrated the first moon landing! Then the “Mars Explorer Barbie” 2013 to celebrate the first woman on Mars! In short, Barbie and the Conquest of Space, a long story!

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