You drink rosé during the picnic on the beach in the Hérault: € 405 PV!

The essentials The gendarmerie fined a group of friends who had come to a picnic on the beach of La Grande-Motte in the Hérault on Sunday, a fine of 405 euros.

The picnic is expensive, very expensive. A group of friends who came to relax on the beach in Grande-Motte on Sunday lunchtime and had a glass of rosé during the picnic were fined a total of € 405.

Guillaume had come to enjoy the beach with his wife, children and two friends. The gendarmes prepared three reports at € 135 each for a total bill of € 405. “It’s getting ridiculous!” Comments Guillaume, interviewed by Midi-Libre. What the father did not like was the behavior of the soldiers. “Some of them arrived with their handguns. There are children with us. Can you imagine the picture for them?”

“The consumption of alcohol on public roads has been banned for a year. Also on the beach. Since this weekend we have had the ministerial order not to make any compromises in this area,” the commander explains to our colleagues. Casaubieilh. 17 gendarmes and city police officers took part in this control operation.

If the police did not receive instructions to control the movement until Tuesday, they kept their patrols. And therefore no question of letting groups of more than six people pass through or consuming alcohol, regardless of the amount.

For Guillaume and his friends, the last exit before the delivery is across the gorge.