Your dog understands you more than you think

Sit! Layer! Walk ! Your dog is picking up his words, that’s a certainty … you may have just been teaching him? But what about the words that you never gave him but that he understands? Why does he get mad a few minutes before the bowl’s fateful hour when you feed him at set times?

Why again, are you rushing to go out on Sunday, when you walk the same route every day to go to work? Wouldn’t it just be that dogs understand absolutely everything we say … that sometimes our demeanor speaks to them more than our words, but when it appears unconscious?

These results don’t really need to be scientifically investigated, all dog owners can confirm that! However, the scientific research published in Sciences Magazine in 2016 tries to explain why and how dogs understand us!

Phase 1: scientific explanations!

Thanks to brain scans, this study confirms that the intonation with which we speak to our dog affects his understanding. This would tend to prove that a dog’s brain functions similarly to the human brain. Study leader Attila Andics investigated how the dog’s brain processes human speech.

For this purpose, 13 dogs were initially subjected to an MRI while completely still. Long months of training were necessary so that the dog could understand the total immobility! Then he observed in the MRI how the brain of dogs reacted by giving various voice commands such as screams, moans or growls.

13 dogs were given an MRI while completely still. Photo credit: Shutterstock / halloabc

But also quieter noises that are more geared towards happiness. In terms of noise, all dogs activated the same areas of the brain. For information, during an MRI on a dog, the dog has the option to leave the head of the device at any time!

Phase 2: practice

The 13 dogs could then hear recordings from their owners praising them: Good dog, that’s good, you’re beautiful … One in a neutral tone, the second in a tone of praise. According to MRI, the left hemisphere responds to the word and the right to intonation. Right hemisphere, which corresponds to activating pleasure in the dog. Note, it’s obvious that if he does something stupid and you yell at him, the intonation makes him understand that this is not the time to jump around all over the place! Which this study perfectly confirms!

And do you understand your dog?

Yes, without a doubt, he knows how to make himself perfectly understood. Turn the water bowl over when it is empty. Go to the garden when it is time to defecate. Every day our dogs show us that we get along perfectly.

However, sometimes they can have behaviors that humans cannot explain. Many books on “Talking Dog” are available and can really help you understand his facial expressions, his moans … In short, a dialogue is two-part, and if he understands you, it is better that you understand him too understand !