Zero waste: how do I use my leftover solid soap?

If you’re using solid soaps instead of the endlessly messy shower gels in plastic containers, you’ve already taken a big step! But with solid soap there is always some waste that we cannot handle …

And of course, when we commit to a zero-waste approach, above all we try not to throw anything away! Soap scraps can be used for other purposes, but you still need to know … A quick rundown of the seven little-known uses of solid soap scraps! Recycling is the catchphrase for zero waste and also includes soap residue!

Another soap with the leftovers?

It’s almost obvious … if you keep all of your little leftovers in one jar, you will have enough to make one again in a couple of weeks! Simply rub, then add lukewarm water and let it dry!

Liquid soap?

You can make your own liquid soap with about ten leftover solid soaps, which is sometimes more convenient for washing your hands. Ten bars of grated soap, to which you add a liter of boiling water and allow to cool … It’s too runny, that’s normal, it solidifies when it cools. And to grate it, you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment … a simple cheese grater will do!

You can make your own liquid soap with about ten leftover solid soaps. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Evgeniya369

Dish soap or washing powder?

As long as your soap scraps are Marseille soap, you can add them to your homemade laundry recipe. For the dish soap, you need to add two tablespoons of white vinegar and tea tree essential oil.

Homemade laundry recipe for 2 liters: 2 heaped tablespoons of baking powder, 1 heaped tablespoon 50 g crystals of finely grated Marseille soap 1 l + 1 l water Optional: a few drops of essential lavender oil or tea tree. Recipe for homemade washing-up liquid 0.8 l of hot water 50 g of grated Marseille soap for 1 liter: 1 tablespoon of black soap, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of soda crystals Optional: a few drops of essential oils

(Source of the recipes: My Mass Races)


Once again, the grater is your best ally … if you add hot water to make a paste and then put it in shapes in the shape of a heart or a star, you get handy little bars of soap for your guests. or to wash your hands.

Small practical bars of soap for your guests. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Catalina.m

A soap dispenser?

For your zero waste dealer you will need:

An old sticky soap left over

Slide the remnants into the foot of the tights, hang them on a hook near the tap … The effect is almost magical, moisten your hands, rub the tights, foam guaranteed! And it is also very convenient when you are doing a face or body peeling. The tights will thoroughly cleanse your skin and you won’t waste any more soap. You won’t spend a fortune on an exfoliating cream either!

A sponge for the dishes?

If melting the soap seems too time-consuming, you can slide a bar of soap straight in by creating a notch in your sponge. Guaranteed foam and more detergent. Just schedule a second sponge for rinsing. This technique is perfect and approved for camping to save space and use the soap residue that has accumulated over the year.

An insecticide in the garden?

Black soap is a natural insecticide, but you can of course use your leftover organic soap! If you melt them in boiling water and then let them cool for at least 12 hours, all you have to do is filter and then put your mixture in a sprayer … and spray your plants and flowers with the mixture obtained.

Now you know how you can never throw away your soap leftovers … Simple measures with which you can do a little more with zero waste and save on various and varied cleaning products.

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